Changing things up, best practice?

Recovering from injury, set up my riding as a gran fondo plan. What if I want to change style in 4-8 weeks, go for general build type training instead. What is the best way of adjusting plan while integrating the AT insights in my/your “training brain”? Cancel plan and start again, or modify blocks? Can I modify an upcoming block in the plan that is created a year into the future, According to goals that are no longer as try as they once were? Thanks!

Do you have an event that your plan is based around?

Nope. That is my problem. No event to cancel or change. I came off a 300k Gran fondo (Vätternrundan) 26 months ago and suffered nerve damage in my ‘sitting zone’ for 15 months. Now, more current, is a broken foot in large July of 2021. So haven’t dared to plan any racing. Building for general fitness is my goal but started soft to not put undue strain on the foot.

I hope to get into great general shape, puncher profile, without committing to racing. 57 years old but faster than ever before, only biked for 10-15 years so far, never in my youth,

Then should be no harm in cancelling the plan and starting over. Probably the cleanest approach.