Returning to training after Illness

Hi all,

I’ve had to have 3 weeks off the bike due to a chest infection, which I’ve scheduled into my training plan. Thing is, looking at my plan the first workout I’m programmed to do on my return is a ramp test followed by a V02 week. I was hoping to have an nice ease back in with an endurance week before hitting V02 again. Is there a way I can insert an endurance week into my plan? ie shift everything forward a week? thanks!

Can’t you just change the start date? Push it back a week?

I think it has to do with regenerating blood plasma volume. Might consider no fans as heat is supposed to stimulate its creation as well. Might as well go hard since your heart rate is going to be jacked up anyways. I just got over the flu and went through the same thing, couple weeks later I am almost back to where I was before I got sick.

Did you add a sickness Annotation to your calendar? I think AI gave me a more gentle comeback (an endurance week) after an injury at the start of the year. If not I’d just do Train Now endurance rides anyway and let the system adapt around you.

Yes, I added in sickness annotation. So If I ignore my plan and just do trainnow for a week, it’ll adapt, si that right?

It must have been coincidence I had an easy week. Yip I think that’s how the system is supposed to work after a week of Train Now.