Recommended sessions after illness

Hi everyone,

Sorry for a repeat thread, but I was hoping to get some opinions on what to do to get back into training after a bad cold.

The cold hit halfway through the first recovery week in the sustained power build (so I’d already completed the first three week block). According to the plan, I’m due to do a ramp test today (not happening) then crack on with the second block. Instead, I’ve decided to take a couple more days off then finish the week with a couple of rides, with the plan to do the ramp test next week.

In total, I will have had about a week off the bike.

My questions are:

(a) do you think I’ll still be ok to drop back into it next week, or do I need to do some more sessions to build up to this?

(b) I read on a blog post that, when coming back from illness, you should start with an easy(ish) session, followed by something more intense before starting back where you left off.

Can anyone recommend a sequence of sessions that they’ve used to good effect when coming back from illness?

Thanks all

Hey, I had a similar situation 1 and a half weeks ago.

I had done like 4 weeks of training and during the 5th week it really hit me and I just failed. I just decided to take time off did little riding not intense at all. Attempted to race which was a bad decision as I failed again half way through the race. But 4 days later I did the Lazy Mountain workout and felt pretty good. Followed by a ramp test the next day and carsons the next. After those 3 I was completely fine and I am able to continue with no problems now.

Just make sure you are up to doing workouts unlike what I did.


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a) Really depends. Simple cold you should be fine but sometimes these things linger. Really only way to find out is to get on the bike and see how you feel. Keep a close eye on HR, RPE and power, and be prepared to back off or shut it down if things aren’t right.

b) Given that you were halfway through a recovery week when you got ill, I would just start with the remaining workouts from that week and see how you go. If the first one is fine, maybe for the second one try a variation with a couple of short sprints (e.g. Pettit +1) to stretch out the legs a little more. Another good one for opening things up is Truuli -1, it’s often scheduled as the last workout before a race in the Specialty plans, so good for opening up the legs and lungs a bit more but without too much fatigue


correct; just go ride your bike for a couple days, max 2h, endurance pace. when you feel 100%, and have two rides back ,try to start back up. don’t be upset or disappointed if the sessions are amazing; a week off is a lot

let us know how it goes!

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