Suggestions on schedule modification

Hi all

So I was supposed to finish my threshold block next week before going on a family trip, unfortunately I got sick a couple weeks ago and haven’t had a quality workout since then; I’m still slightly ill so probably won’t be able to get on the bike until next week.

What would you all do? Would you try to cram in as much time on the bike before the trip and pick up where you left off when you come back from the trip? Or would you just mail it in and restart the threshold block after the trip? Bear in mind, you’re just coming off a mild but long-lasting cold.

Thanks for the advice!



What he said :arrow_up:
I would do some endurance rides and possibly squeeze in 1 threshold workout a week if you feel up to it. Don’t try to push yourself if you aren’t up to it. I’m talking easy ex: 3x10 threshold/ ftp workouts nothing more. You won’t lose much fitness if you don’t ride that much and your body will probably appreciate some rest.
Just my thoughts on what I’d do or try to do.


@Foodpedaling and @Helvellyn , you’re both probably right…I just didn’t want to confirm it :sob: .

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I’m freaking done. Got over our fourth cold since January just last week, was planning on restarting this week and felt terrible on the bike this morning, ended up febrile this evening.

I haven’t been able to train for the last four months because my kids keep getting me sick and am no longer able to keep up with the group. Im mailing it in.