Ramp Test vs 20 Minute FTP Test vs 8 Minute FTP Test

Do you find your Ftp results differ greatly when comparing these two tests or are the results coming out about the same???

most people see that the ramp test tracks pretty close to results from the 20 or 8 minute test. But there can be some outliers for whom it doesn’t work.


Both pretty close for me, within a few W. I find the ramp test much more palatable though👍


Between the 8 min, 20 min, and Ramp Test, we’ve found most cyclists to test at the same level. But the Ramp Test seems to be much easier for a lot of us to handle, myself included. :sweat_smile:

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I do better with the 8 minute test. I have tested several times to determine this. Part of MY issue is gearing. when the FTP gets at a certain point, my gearing makes too big a jump to keep increasing at the level the ramp test wants. (I am on a KK dumb trainer).

However, I hope to correct the gearing issue so I can only do the ramp test. FTP is just a number – I only want to train at the right level. Shoot, the 8 min test last night I think was a smidge too low. But the cadence I wanted was not an option (close but not right there). Such is life.

Go with the ramp test.


I use a KK dumb trainer right now also, and for sure I also have to plan ahead with gearing. Usually what I do is plan a few steps ahead and sometimes start at the low end of my comfortable cadence range but then work my way into a better cadence for those final steps where it really matters.

Regarding the original question, ramp test all the way! I’ve found the results of the ramp test to be consistent with 8-min test (I rarely have done the 20-min test). If you start out the workouts and they are exceptionally hard that you fail, or very easy… then you might adjust like those in the posts mentioned above.

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I’ve been doing the Ramp test since starting base in September and scoring less and less each time even though I was training hard. I thought that was due to fatigue and tiredness from training. Yesterday I did the Ramp Test and scored ridiculous low FTP which was really frustrating. Decided to do 20 min today and there was 13 Watts difference in FTP bearing in mind that I was tired from yesterday and also pacing very precariously coz I was scared of the low FTP from Ramp Test and could have done a little bit better. No more Ramp Test for me, it might be 5 minutes of pain but it’s pointless… all that time I’ve been training at wrong zones!!!


Yes, my results vary about 30 watts between ramp test protocol and a 2 x 8min test. I’ve used the ramp test 3 times and every time I am underwhelmed at my results. The first time I tested I was at 231, while testing with a more traditional 2x8 I could achieve 265 which I felt was more realistic - based on historical FTP and Strava’s “best guess” - basically I knew 231 was too low and after doing a mid volume build and doing some under/overs and longer threshold efforts 265 is pretty close. After 8 weeks of this training I wanted to try the ramp test again versus the 2x8 to see what I could achieve. This AM I was able to achieve a 261 FTP which is obviously disappointing since I’ve been successfully training @ 265. My plan is to re-test with the 2x8 and compare that the the previous 2x8 as well as the ramp. My guess is that the ramp test (for me) doesn’t allow myself the “space” to hit a more accurate FTP. Since I’ve been riding for over a decade, the pacing strategy of the 2x8 test doesn’t seem to bother me and I must be an “outlier” at least in some way since I actually prefer the 2x8 as I can tolerate that brand of pain more so than - “ride until failure”

I’m not giving up on the ramp test but so far I do prefer the more traditional methods. Also, I’m a person that believes so much of this is mental. I’d be surprised if an outside test would yield even higher numbers. Lots of interesting thoughts on the matter. This is just my very limited experience that I will be expanding on.


If ones FTP is at different percentage of VO2max than it is for the majority of population then ramp test may be wildly inaccurate. It will underestimate FTP for diesel type of riders (with good aerobic fitness but lower anaerobic capacity and therefore flat power curve) and overestimate it for more explosive riders (high VO2max and/or anaerobic capacity, steep power curve).


I just did a 4 week block of sweet spot 2X20 then 3X20 then 4X20 last 3 weeks i did steady 360-370 watts at 100-105 cadence for 5 min then 425 watts for 1 min at 110-115 cadence over under throughout. Last workout i did 3X20 first one I did as an ftp test i did 407 watts average 105 cadence average and 418 NP due to a few 1 minute ramp ups throughout average heart rate was 158. I used a kicker for the test . note i am fat weigh 185 pounds now so the watts are nice but the WPKG not as nice. Race weight is 178.

I did a ramp test 5 last monday but i was tired due to doing 2 workouts 4X20 the week prior and a hammerfest technical MTB ride 3.5 hours on sunday and ramp test monday evening. I started at 275 watts then ramped 25 watts per 4 min. I completed the last 4 min at 375 watt then finished up the 2 min effort did not even make the full 2 min. I am still waiting for the coach to send me the “FTP” of the ramp test but it appears it is around 20 watts lower than the flat out 20 min FTP test. The fatigue did play a factor so i would think the 2 tests are within 10 watts.


My Outside numbers are always higher. I use a Kicker indoors and a Quarq on my MTB. When i do MTB races my 20 min average power is higher than the kicker 20 min efforts and FTP test. Many of the MTB races i do in Brasil have sustained dirt roads with rolling hills so these sections are time trials 30+ minutes flat out. My best one was right off the start of a race dirt roads for over 30 min I averages 425 watts for the first 20 min at 180 pounds. My last kicker FTP test I averaged 407 watts at 185 pounds


8 min test?? Is that an FTP test? I always do the 20 min FTP. 8 min i am sure i could push at least 30-40 watts more than the 20 min. The 20 min you deduct 5%. How much do you deduct from the 8 min?

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2 8-minute blocks after warmup and anaerobic surges. average the 2 8-minute blocks and then 90% of the average is the FTP.

i switched to the ramp test when it came out and stuck with it throughout my 2019 training season. ive since switched back to the 20 min test. i find it to be a truer snapshot of actual “on the road” fitness. also all the time trials in the omnium/stage races i do seem to fall in the 20-30min. range so its kind of pacing practice for those sort of efforts. honestly wish there was a true hour test, you can’t cheat the hour. all of this said along side the fact that i know different things work for different people, this is just my experience with the different test protocols

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Is that a long way of saying you are a 5 w/kg rider? Glad I’m not the only one who can hit higher numbers outside, I suppose it’s common and maybe even more common with mountain bikers? Impressive numbers. :+1:. I’m hovering around 4.2 and I think 4.5 might be my ceiling considering I can average between 5 - 8 hours a week.

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Hi guys, just did a ramp test ( Trainer Activity on January 22, 2020 by Romano H. on Strava , [ 237 FTP ] [ 81.6 WEIGHT ] 2.90 ftp/kg from profile
I was thinking a 20min ftp would probably suit me more (did alot of Heart rate intervals, 4x2,8x4,8x2 based on 1 hr Heart rate treshhold on 1h route), i had like 2 easy ride in 1 month (last 1)
Should i and what plans take for next week 20 min ftp or should i go straight into finding a training plan?

srry, i think i already seen that along time ago, my questions remain .1 Should i and what plans take for next week 20 min ftp test?!, thanks for the reply.

Head straight into a plan. I was interested in the difference between tests last year so did a 20-min test 2 or 3 days after a ramp; my n=1 was a difference of 2w (which is within the stated error of my PowerTap P1 pedals).

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It doesn’t matter what FTP test you use, just make sure going forward you are using the same FTP test. Just start your training plan and see how the workouts go. If they are too easy, then manually raise your FTP if you feel it was underrepresented due to a poor ramp test.