Anyone else still doing 20 Minute FTP Tests...?

Hey everyone,

I am a long time Trainerroad user, and a diligent podcast listener. I know all about why TR came up with the ramp test, and I don’t fault their logic one bit.

But, I’ve got a confession to make. I still use the 20 minute protocol, and will probably continue to do so.


  1. I’ve been 20-minute-testing for a number of years now so, scientifically speaking, it makes sense to maintain the same method.
  2. 20-minute testing, in my experience, puts my FTP right at the perfect spot. Not so low that workouts are a doddle, but just about manageable nearly every time (for workouts that are meant to be that way: VO2/thresh/over-unders etc.).
  3. As a runner as well as a cyclist, I have found that I am much more of an aerobic machine. Good at longer intervals or anything as short as VO2 Max, but I really struggle to lay the power down for anaerobic efforts of less than 2 mins - such as what is required in the ramp test. I am pretty convinced that this is why the ramp test always gives me a lower FTP than the 20-min.

I know fully well that you’re all thinking that I am just bolstering my ego by selecting the higher value… But my workout compliance is pretty/very high with the higher FTP! Happy for you all to give me some stick though :wink:

Any other fellow 20-minute testers out there?


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