Perceived exertion: VO2 max vs. Threshold workouts

I am DYING during “threshold workouts” and twiddling my thumbs during “VO2max workouts”. My garmin rates the threshold workouts and VO2max and the VO2max workouts are usually something else, like tempo. I’m not sure if Garmin and TR matching up matters. The rest of my workouts seem spot on; hard but doable, so I feel like my FTP is accurate.
Last year my fitness lab test ranked my VO2max in the top 5% but my lactate threshold was average. Could that have something to do with the difference in perception? Is this normal? Does it matter? Should I adjust the intensity when I do these workouts?

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Your FTP is likely set too high, and you do relatively better at VO2max efforts vs threshold.

There’s many threads on the forum about this topic. Here’s a few. There are a lot of others.


Have you set your FTP to the numbers you achieved in this test? This could be an issue as I’d imagine the kit they used to test you is calibrated to a higher standard than most of us average Joes achieve. You also mention the test was done last year. When? Have you ridden or trained consistently since that test?

If I’m honest I think you’ve also answered your own question. The test showed that your VO2 was top draw but your threshold required work. You’re in a brilliant position, you KNOW what needs doubling down on :+1:

The threshold workouts are the only ones like this. I’m fine for all the others, and increase intensity from time to time, I don’t think my FTP is too high if I only struggle once every couple of weeks. I think I just need to lower the intensity on these workouts, but I’m not sure by how much.

So, it sounds like focusing on threshold is a good idea. How can I be sure I’m doing that. Should I adjust the intensity of the workout until Garmin rates the workout as threshold?

Are you training at threshold or not?? …ignore garmin