Ramp Test Tips & Tricks

Yup. No distractions. Just last as long as I can through each minute.

I get hung up on things like “my heart rates to high I can’t do this!” Or “I can’t do this next power step I should stop!”

This way all I tell myself is “just make it another 10” and then after that 10 repeat. By the time I get to like 20 seconds left I tend to shift to “I got this. Finish out this one and let’s go again”


Nice, I am “Cadence Only” and hide every timer I can in the room.

I even use a shuffle playlist so I don’t know the song length or duration into the test… crazy :stuck_out_tongue:


My brain still counts the number of steps. And knows that it must go up 15 steps.

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I’m always so nervous pre-ramp. Like now… In 1,5h I’ll be all good again when it’s all done and dusted.


Me too. Been dreading this evening for two days. Still trying to find ways out of doing it, might estimate and shift +/- 5w after the first few weeks :thinking:

Shift that expectation and make yourself look at this like any other workout.

  1. It may be difficult, but our head is the only thing in the way of executing this test.

  2. Step back, realize it’s not the end of the world, no matter the result.

  3. Prep like any other workout, just go in and do it.


that’s a great idea - maybe even a “feature request”

I’m not dreading it that much anymore. I know it’s not that bad. It’s just the psychological aspect of running myself into the wall that is unpleasant. :joy: Its all good though. I’m soon on the bike and soon enough it’s done and I can check what SSBMV I has given me in fitness. If any.

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I found one example of a request for custom data. I know there have been other requests in the past.

Done. Up from 283w to 288w. Think I might be able to raise it to 290 but rather not rush it.


Positive result for me too. It’s all in the head!


How can a friend of mine set his ftp on his FIRST ramp test higher before taking the test ? He is an experienced rider and doesn’t want the ramp test to take 35 min in total . Is this set in profile when setting up his account or ??

Click on account from the main page after you login to edit general info including ftp.

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Yes, the app will use the weight they enter to set the FTP at 2.0 watts per kg.

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TrainerRoad: It works when you do the work!

I have a Ramp Test playlist on Spotify that I have going full blast, and I time it to have Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name towards the end, so when my legs and lungs are begging me to stop I can shout at 'em “$*@#) you I won’t do what you tell me”.

I keep the power numbers showing because I find it a bit more motivating knowing that I’m able to stay close to the power targets each step. I’ve often hit new power bests during races etc when I have a target to chase (or a group to stick with), not in time trials, and I think seeing the power numbers each step acts as a ‘target’ of sorts for me.

I know I’ve gone deep when my wife says she heard me making anguished, unintelligible grunts. She came in once wondering if someone was accidentally smothering the dog or something.


Did my first early(ish) morning ramp test today after completing SSB1MV and with a gel simply got through it albeit ending up with the same ftp to within a few watts 280w. Not disappointed as I dropped 2kg (to 65kg) during the phase but got to say: after a rest week and a lack of threshold/vo2max efforts it’s definitely a challenge to get back in to the high effort. Anyone have similar experiences and tips for it?

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Yes, some are using an « opener » workout the day before, like one of the Truuli variations.

I am in the end of the recovery week and I will try a VO2Max boost week before starting my third SSBIILV in a row and the mandatory ramp test that comes with it (I have much too much time before the race season, but not much time in life at the moment).


Quick one, may have been asked before. I’m not new to the ramp test but I did a test “test” last night to see how it worked in ERG and power match mode and wasn’t too happy with how it played out.

I’ve spoken with a few others about power match and focusing on cadence which in general works “ok” but last night things were not good so I will go back to none ERG mode for my proper test next week.

I just wondered if others use mainly ERG and power match when testing or turned off?

I use the trainer’s Erg as I had a bad experience with Powermatch for the ramp test. Powermatch failed to hold the power as my cadence dropped. Now I use erg but also have my PM report to my Wahoo Bolt. At the end of the ramp test I use the highest 1 min power (x .75) reported by my Bolt (from my PM) to set my FTP while using Powermatch.


I find powermatch doesnt settle as quickly as I would like it to during a ramp. I haven’t tried running a ramp in resistance mode but instead did the last test on the rollers which was a very different experience.

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