First Ramp Test

Hi everyone.
I’m newbie, sorry if I am asking silly questions.
I have never used a power meter, therefore I don’t know my FTP.
For my first ramp test, what ftp should i use ?


Hi and welcome!

I believe the default setting is 200, the test will determine how much above or below that you are.

Good luck!

thank you for your answer!

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Agree. If there is a default setting, just use that. I tried a different FTP test when I first joined (20 minute FTP test? on resistance mode) and did a poor job of FTP estimation (low). Just did a Ramp Test. My new FTP looks accurate. I’d definitely recommend ERG mode. You just pound the pedals until you can’t and not worry about shifting gears.

Thank you for your answer.
I understand that depending of FTP than i use the rate of power increase during ramp test will be different .
am I correct?
are there any matter with it?

Each step is about 6% if I remember correctly. As long as you arent super low then having it set at 200 wont be far out.

Also as the calculation is based on your best 60 seconds (not best step) then it doesnt really matter. It might be off a little for you but it will likely be close enough.

Remember to absolutely bury yourself.

great!, i am very grateful for your help.

My first FTP test was the TR 20 minute FTP test. I didn’t use ERG mode. I had no idea what to expect but when I began Sweet Spot Base training afterwards, it was clear my estimated FTP was too low. I upped it an amount that seemed reasonable and went with that. After that I did the Ramp Test. That (for me) was much closer, and in one case too high. Once you begin your training, it will be apparent if the estimate is good for you. During the first part of my Build Phase I had to drop FTP by 5-10% consistently, but eventually caught up with it.
Your legs and lungs will tell you if it’s accurate.