FTP Tests / NP in Races


I feel the ramp test gives me too low results. I have done the ramp test multiple times over the winter.

for example:
My last ramp test gave me 273w and yesterday I did the 20 minute FTP test where I got 280. I go hard, but not too hard on the 5m “all out” effort. Just enough to have a little bitt extra to give at the last minute.

I’ve also done a couple of races in between the tests where the Normalized Power the first hour have been relatively high compared to the tests. 285 NP in the first hour.

I feel my ramp-tests maybe gives me an underestimated threshold power, what do you think?


I can’t offer anything constructive, I just came here to snigger at the misspelled word in the topic title.

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Ok, I lied. Maybe I can help a bit.

Do a very quick search and you will find a lot of discussion on this topic. Also the podcasts cover a lot of TR’s reasoning for using the ramp test.

Generally the conclusion that is normally reached on the forum is that doing either the ramp test or 20 min test is fine, as long as you continue to use the same testing protocol throughout your training.

If you’re new to TR workouts then I’d recommend testing your ramp test FTP for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. If you continue to find the workouts too easy then bump your ftp up.


What kind of race(s)? Any idea what the VI is for the race(s)?

Thanks for you’r time:-) I has just TR for 2 years now så this test isn’t new too me. I can see the ramp test gives me 10-15w lower than 20min and NP. Isn’t that too much you think?


Road races/century. Iv is around 1.19

all the ways to get FTP are just reference points…set it at 280W and go from there!

Thanks:-) but which of the tests do you recommend in the future?

Whichever you prefer.

The difference you reported above between the two is <3% and likely done on different days which can easily account for the difference alone.

The last part of that answer would be… whichever feels like it gets you into the desired training zone the best. Though, I’d argue either is close enough since they’re so close to each other.

Most important thing is to pick ONE and stick to it. They’re both approximate ftps anyway, so choose whichever you like to do and do it every time you need to test. And if you’re very experienced, tweak it a bit. For you, to get exactly the same ftp on the ramp as the 20 minute test you’d use TR’s original ramp test formula which was max 1 minute power on the ramp * .77. (It’s now * .75)

You can’t use NP from a race to approximate ftp. It can inform you that perhaps it’s time to retest but most people notice a difference between outdoor and indoor power anyway.


compare all 3

Could you hold 280 watts for 60 minutes? Why not try and see how long you can hold it?

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If the VI is high it may not give a good picture of your FTP.


For the 20 minute test protocol make sure to subtract the 5% from the average power. 280(.95)=266. If 280 has the 5% factored in it’s a good number.

Normalized power can be used for 60 minutes efforts if not an NP buster. Coach Alex Simmons of RST defines a buster as 105% of a well established FTP. He goes much deeper in his explanation and there are exceptions. 273(105%)=286 and 280(105%)=294 so you’re on the line it seems.

What to do? Over time, when you do intervals here are some guidelines from Coggan/Allen when to stop the intervals due to low power (fatigue). Now I’ve heard other coaches say press on even if your power is low so, just take these guidelines as perhaps another way to validate if 273 or 280 or 285 is valid.

This is not a direct quote but it is in one of the Coggan/Allen books about training and racing with a power meter:

On the 3rd set stop Intervals when your power drops by 5% for 20 minute intervals, 5% for 10 minute intervals, 5% for 5 minute intervals, 8% for 3 minute intervals, 11% for 1 & 2 minute intervals and 13% for 30 second intervals.


NP of a race is outside and the ramp test is inside. This explains a difference. The 5 min “all out” should be all out.
I learned to lower my FTP from tests, where I was fresh and because I am a “pursuiter” type. Do a hard SST ( 30 minute blocks) or FTP workout with your chosen FTP and see how it feels. It is just a tool do define your “zones” for training. Better be “undertrainend” than completely wasted by your training plan.


Thank you guyes for all help. I will try do set mye ftp to 280w and try that for Training for now. Cheers