Ramp test scheduling

I just did a ramp test Sunday when it popped up in train now, and AT has me doing one again Thursday. Seems like a glitch I’m inclined to ignore but should I in order to keep AT spitting out the correct workouts?

You got a ramp test in Train Now? That’s surprising!

Just delete the one for Thursday. Your levels should be fine after the one you did on Sunday.

I don’t think the Ramp Test is in TrainNow, there are some stepped workouts that are threshold or sweet spot that have steps like Xueshan.

Dealing with a similar situation but not though train now. Set up my plan with plan builder, forgot I had it scheduled to start on Tuesday and did the ramp test Sunday… now I have another test for today…
Guess I’ll delete it and use train now for the day and see what AT does afterwards…