Ramp Test schedule on Monday but AI FTP in 28 days lockout

Hello, I want to try the plan builder. I went through the creation process a few times and I’m now satisfied with the way it is setup. The question is about the ramp test scheduled on the first day. I don’t want and will not do it, but I can’t use AI FTP for another 10 days. What is the official way to handle this? Should I just delete the ramp test from the calendar and pick any workout I want. It feels like the software should handle this case.

If you know what should be your FTP, you can manually enter it in the “Account” page

Thanks. The issue is not about the FTP value. I already have a valid AI FTP value. The issue is that the plan builder shouldn’t schedule a ramp test if I’m using AI FTP or at least it should offer to replace it with another workout. I don’t see this option.

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I think the response is going to be, it’s up to you, a lot of people still like to do a Ramp test and it is the schedules point in the Training Plan, some people only use the AI FTP when the Ramp test is schedules, some (like me) do the AI FTP before doing a ramp test (and don’t look at the result until after)

I think that no matter what TR do here, it’s not going to fit every bodies workflow, but at least you have the option to do with what you think is best, me personally, I do the Ramp test (or let train now select one for me) and ignore the AI FTP until my next test


Personally, I’d delete the ramp test, then manually replace it with the first workout from week 2 in the plan. AT will then tweak week 2 onwards.

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I delete it and then just do a TrainNow session. I guess there’s some guesswork on how long to do the Train Now, but I only have an hour in the mornings, so that’s easy for me.

I do agree the UI for this could be better. Plan Builder has a lot of funky little edges, but is pretty amazing on the whole.


I’d just do next Monday’s workout. Then next Monday will adapt to something different.

The alternate workout that you would get after running AIFTP is usually the same zone as that day in subsequent weeks (if you haven’t moved around the days too much in Plan Builder).