Ramp Test - Recovery?

The team I’m on has “FTP parties”, where everyone does ramp tests at the same time and you also get to be side by side with someone else doing a test. The next testing date is this saturday, and I did 2 back to back hard rides tues/wed and am now at -24 TSB. Will this be enough recovery taking thurs/fri off/really easy before then or will the test results be low/fatigued?

You will be the best to know this as to how you feel.
Can you predict what your TSB will be with TP?
I know personally I would be more than enough recovered to do my ramp test after 2 days recovery/rest.

I did a ride with a TSS of 260 on Monday and did my ramp test on the Wednesday and still had a 5% increase.

If your doing it in a team environment I wouldn’t miss it.



My TSB will be around -7.

Update - tested with a 14 W improvement.


Well done! You must be happy with that.

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