Ramp test during recovery week + ramp questions

I’m coming up on a recovery week. Last few weeks TSS has been pretty solid. 523, 554, 577 and this week I’ll probably hit 600. Then it’s recovery week time starting Sunday, one week from today. Generally in my recovery week I’ll have one intense day (minus my saturday which is usually either Z2 or Z2 with intervals, but on the 7th we’ll have the first event of the year and I’m excited about that, so I anticipate that being a hard ride but short at 50 miles.
Anyway, I’ve never done a ramp test in TR and haven’t done one in two years, so I’m more or less curious about where I am at. Last time I did one was in Zwift at my peak fitness, which I don’t believe I’m at, however, it might be good just to do an update. I’ve noticed the ramp stops at 439 watts on my workout profile. Is the program smart enough to keep going if I can or will it stop at 439? I’m not sure I can go beyond this but on my last ramp test I blew up in the 460 block. I do NOT want to go through the pain of the ramp test if it’s going to stop before I do.

Also, I’ve read that doing a single day of intensity in the middle of a recovery week can be a good thing as long as it’s not repeated intervals so that’s my logic for doing this.

The ramp test continues going up beyond what is shown. This workout has some custom code in it to keep going and when you stop pedaling to confirm your ftp in a dialog. It then gives you some time to cool down.

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Thank you. I’m gonna do it and then roll into a z1/z2 spin.