FTP History Update Question

Did a ramp test two days ago and got my same previous FTP as listed in my FTP history from a ramp test in April '19. Why isn’t the new test showing up in my history? I ran the test on an iPhone and I check history online at Log In to TrainerRoad. I’d hope to see every FTP test I perform self-populate. Does anyone know if this this how it works? Thanks!

When I checked your history just now, both tests show up in the record. It is possible that your phone hadn’t had time to sync?

By the way, is it supposed to update new FTP results automatically? I had to enter it manually last time :man_shrugging:

If you “accept” the test results from the FTP test, then your FTP will be updated with the value earned during the test. If you do not accept the test results, your current FTP is retained.


I added it manually. Maybe, I couldn’t see “accept” at end of ramp test because I was trying to not fall off the trainer. :slight_smile: I’ll look out for the prompt next time around. Thx.

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