Ramp Test Results - where did my results go?

Completed my Ramptest and saw my new FTP however in a total state of delusion I’m not sure what option I pressed to update it at the end and now I’m stuck with my original FTP setting. Anyway to recalculate it? Thanks for any help!

Open your ride, if it saved. Go to the power profile section and highlight your best 1-minute power. Multiply that by 0.75 to get your FTP estimate.

Contact support@trainerroad.com and they will confirm the results.

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Are you talking about the FTP number on your profile page? Sometimes I find that there can be a bit of a delay to it being updated in the FTP History section. First thing to do is check that your Ramp Test appears in your Past Rides page. If it does, your new FTP will be listed in there and you can either wait and see if it updates by itself or manually update your FTP in the Account --> Profile --> FTP Section. If your Ramp Test does not appear in your Past Rides, then I would send an email to support@trainerroad.com to see if they can recover the ride for you. I’ve accidentally hit the Cancel button at the end of the Ramp Test and they helped recover it for me (phew!). Hope this helps you.

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Yes the ride did get uploaded to Past Rides section however my FTP is still at my original FTP of 340 and not what I saw when I glanced at the app when I paused/finished the test - which was 366. I pressed the lowest option/button of the pop up screen, however I think that may have been to discard the new FTP result? I guess I can just manually update it in my account settings. Thanks!

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Ok, good news that the ride saved properly. The ride file should show you the newly calculated FTP. Does this match what you saw on the screen?

So, yes if it isn’t lining up you can manually update your FTP setting and all your future workouts will adjust to it.

I had a similar issue. I took the ramp test yesterday and it took till today to update on the FTP history page. I was sure that I had clicked accept when it showed me the new FTP, but it took a full day to appear. I went in yesterday and added the new level, but now I have an entry for today as well at the same power. Curious why it takes a full day to update.

I THINK there mey be a scheduled task which runs periodically to update the FTP history page, or something like that. I would probably design it that way, relating for ex. to the site performance and such.

same for me. Did ftp test today but no update… did to calculate manually from last one minute * 0,75. And entered that in the account profile…

Poor that the Tool cant do that automatically. Even when i just installed the SW yesterday the first time and registered for TR.

My experience has always been that after doing a ramp test, my ftp is not updated in my ftp history or in future workouts until the next day unless I manually enter the new ftp into my TR account.