Ramp test before recovery week

Before you all glaze over at the prospect of another ramp test question please indulge my curiosity.
Ive just come to the mid way point in LV Short Power Build (with extra added endurance workouts) and i’m feeling pretty darn GOOD!! So I’m planning on doing my next ramp test before i start the recovery week workouts - i always feel rubbish after a recovery week and it takes me a good week of rough workouts to get back up to speed. So doing the ramp test now might give me a truer idea of where im at FTP wise??
Once ive finished the week of recovery workouts ill do the ramp test again to see where im at to see if my theory holds any water
Has anyone done anything like this and were the results anything like you expected? #specialsnowflake :smiley:


That may be true.

  • The difference could be doing a test:
    • in a fatigued state towards the end of the work weeks
    • in after a recovery week, intended to allow your body to adapt and grow stronger

As such, it is often best to test after the recovery week. It could be interesting to see what if any difference you would have testing both.

As an aside, I have taken to doing an opener workout on the Monday before my Tuesday workout. I use Truuli -1, but there are many options and some prefer different ones. But I can say that I feel that I benefit a bunch from doing the opener the day before. The Ramp usually goes so much better for me and is not as much of a shock to the system.


Similar to @mcneese.chad, I usually take a few days or riding and do an opener workout the day before a Ramp Test.


Thanks guys - an opener is something I hadn’t considered but makes a huge amount of sense! I think my problem is going into a ramp test after a recovery week is I forget what HARD graft feels like. There are also a few external factors that are making me feel better than usual as well - my son (3) has just started to sleep right through and not disturb us and its making my recovery SOOOOOOOO much better!!! Who’d have thought undisturbed sleep was so important :joy::joy::joy:
@mcneese.chad you’ve forgotten more about this stuff than I’ll ever know so I’ll take your lead:wink:


I’m about to do the same thing this week, however, I did the high volume. I know my body pretty well. I doing mon off, tues-dans, weds-pettit, then test Thursday…instead of the recommended full recovery week. I think if you feel good, and know your body…go for it.

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For clarity (because you might be confused) I am not Chad Timmerman from TrainerRoad. I’m just an avid forum user who likes to help when I can.

What he said is true for many of us regardless. :wink:

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You need to change your handle to : mcneese.NOTCoachChadTimmerman.chad for clarity.


I know :stuck_out_tongue:. I figured the ‘mcneese’ lead in would avoid confusion, but apparently not.

I actually tried to find a signature option to add #TheOtherChad to my posts too, but that’s not possible.

I have info in my bio here too, so people will better know who I am (and am not). I just don’t want people to be confused.

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Hahaha I figured you weren’t the big man, but your posts and reply’s to people are super helpful and your knowledge is second to none - hence my comment :+1:
Oh, and I did my ramp test tonight 311 up from 303 :grinning: I’m now going to complete the recovery week workouts and re test as the plan schedules. I’m really curious to see if it will go up, down or stay the same

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Well, thanks so much for the compliments. :+1:

I am constantly learning and this site has made that much more possible on a daily basis, with all the great info all the members have and share. Great to be a part of that :smiley:

Great work on the Ramp test result too. It will be interesting to see the one after your recovery week.

So I just re-did my ramp test after a week of recovery and I’ve just added another 7 watts to my pre-recovery weeks test - I’m now the proud owner of a 318 FTP😃
As Chad suggested I threw in a priming workout yesterday (Truuli) and I think that made the world of difference!!!
I think from this N=1 experiment is that I should trust the process and that a “primer” is a something I need to get the most out of my ramp test


Congrats on the performance, and finding a new thing to help you get there. :smiley: