Ramp testing one week after race?

Hey TR Community,

First time poster here. I have been using TR for the last year and have seen my FTP increase from ~ 260 W to ~ 310 W. I am an amateur triathlete training to race at the 70.3 distance. I completed a virtual race just over 1 week ago during which I went pretty deep. I’m wondering if it is worthwhile doing a ramp test this week to check where my fitness is at, as is suggested by my new TR training plan. Have others had similar doubts? I imagine this is different for every athlete, depending on recovery, lifestyle, etc… but I am wondering if there is a consensus on this somewhere out there in the community.

Thanks, TR fam!

  • Scott C.

Yup. There really isn’t a straight forward answer here. Really the only way to gauge it is to ask yourself how you feel. Have you swam, ridden, ran in the past week? Do you feel like you’ve recovered? If yes, then do you feel like you could do an all out effort right now? Some people don’t do well at that after a week of recovery and need a bit of an opener. If that’s the case, then do an opener then your test. If you don’t think you’re recovered then I’d push the test off for a week and take this week to slowly add some intensity to gauge your recovery. Start with maybe 5min SS or so and kinda play around with it to see how you feel (intentionally though, don’t just go smash some hills without purpose).