Ramp Test accuracy

I’m currently completing the mid volume sustained power build. When I started the program I completed my initial ramp test and the result was a 267 FTP. Last week I completed another ramp test during week 4 of the 8 week power build plan. To my disappointment, my FTP remained at 267. I’m pushing hard and the result hurt the confidence. Now, I did end up manually increasing the FTP to 272 and the interval workouts are still manageable. Do I just keep increasing my FTP every 4 to 5 weeks as long as I can handle the workouts? Or should I trust the Ramp test and keep pushing?

I would leave it. Consistency is the key to effective training, and if you’re doing a ramp test every 4-6 weeks then using it as your only FTP reference will provide that. Adjusting FTP manually during training introduces error.

I know it’s easy to get your confidence tied to your FTP number. It’s an easy trap to fall into, and one I have (and still do) fallen into personally. So here’s a few other things to think about. An increase from 267 to 272 is less than 2%, and within the error bounds of your power meter. Also, there’s so much more to building fitness than just raising FTP. So it is also entirely possible that FTP hasn’t increased yet. That doesn’t mean you aren’t getting stronger and faster. It also doesn’t mean FTP won’t go up in the future.

Follow the plan, and the results will come.

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Put on a new chain, clean your drive train, and test again. :wink:

Either way, I’m quite confident that somebody like you can absorb the 5W bump, no problem.

You can’t just keep increasing your FTP if you’re not making improvements. Some workouts are supposed to be easy and others VERY hard. If you fall into that trap, in 3 months you will post a thread wondering why you can’t complete Zone 5 intervals.