Radial Head Fracture, training advice

Hit black ice a couple of days ago and broke my radial head in my left elbow. It’s not displaced, so should be straightforward in terms of healing, in a sling with no cast. Advice seems to be to use the sling for a few days then gradually increase time out of sling and increase movement, with that in mind I was wondering if anyone had any experiences of training with a similar injury? Obviously outdoors is a big no, no , but was wondering if people had used the trainer with an injury like this, any tips greatly appreciated, it’s not so much the loss of fitness that bothers me, it’s the fact I am already bored out of my mind that’s the concern!

I apologise if you’ve already heard this from someone else…

Mathew Hayman won Paris-Roubaix in 2016 5 weeks after fracturing his radius. He did almost all of his training on the trainer with his arm resting on a step ladder.

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Yeah, I read that at the time. Going to give it a try next couple of days, my first race is the end of February so hopefully as long as I can maintain a bit of fitness I’ll be alright. Think I’ll just keep the sling on and try it one handed at first.

Someone on here has an injured shoulder and build a diy recumbent trainer to keep working.

Interested in this as I tripped over whilst running on Monday…cut head open (8 stitches), but of a concussion (symptoms now cleared up thankfully) and broke my collarbone - no surgery but sling for 4-6 weeks to heal the doctor reckoned.

Going mad worried about losing fitness! Any tips appreciated!

I’m not that good at DIY, especially with only one good arm! Going to try an easy hour using the sling tomorrow. Should be okay as it won’t be weight bearing.

My wife broke her radial head around 8 weeks before Ironman Lanzarote.

She road the trainer one handed until she was comfortable enough to either hold the hoods or put the arm on the arm rest. It didn’t take long before she could ride and even run.

I guess it’s an opportunity to work on aerobic endurance but it should be good to go by the time of your race.

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