What to do while in a splint?

I broke my hand in a low speed mtb crash a few days ago. I’m in a splint for a few weeks so off the road/trail. I’ve got minimal pain, but riding the trainer I can’t do much more than endurance wattage without it getting awkward. I was in a transition period i.e. hadn’t started winter base yet, I think I will start that when I can do real trainer rides. But what would you do in the meantime? I’ve hopped on the trainer a few times and just noodled around Zwift for 45min or so. I was thinking of doing that a few times a week, anyone with better ideas?

First thing is to let it heal! That might mean less bike, or even no bike. Your body needs the energy to heal the broken bone.

If you feel up for it, a few weeks of endurance work will be a good base (literally) anyway. If you want to follow a plan, look at the TR traditional base plans. Or you can ride on zwift, but hills and other incentives migh trick you into going too hard. If you can, you’d probably want to do longer sessions than 45 minutes though, if you keep it to endurance level.

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Matt Hayman supported his broken arm with a ladder on a turbo trainer before winning Roubaix.