Maintaining fitness whilst recovering from a Broken Radial head (elbow)

I fractured my radial head a few days ago in a crash and am now looking to try and at least maintain the peak fitness I’ve built up over the last 6 months of hard training (for me).

Currently I’m working on getting the range of motion back in my arm and full recovery (fracture fully healing) is apparently 4-6 weeks away. I should be able to put weight on it a few weeks before (to a degree).

For the time being I don’t think I can ride on the trainer other than one handed / sat up which makes it hard to do real intervals of any kind. I expect to be able to start on the trainer again in the next week or two with some adjustments (think Matthew Hayman and the step ladder).

In the meantime, I’m hitting the gym and working on leg press, quad/hamstring extensions, unweighted lunges, step ups, inclined sit-ups, and glute bridges.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or improvements to this plan for maintaining fitness over this period?