Race canceled, plan doesn't adapt

Hello. One of my races got canceled. I’ve deleted and it was still giving me Laurel workout to do on saturday, and then no workout for sunday, monday and tuesday. It didn’ts adapt.
Meanwhule I’ve also deletd Laurel on saturday and now I have 5 days with no workout! :frowning:
Can you help, pls?

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There is no mechanism built in right now that I’m aware of that will adapt for that sort of change. Adaptions are to existing workouts and it won’t just add in workouts when you’ve deleted a race or another workout.

Two options leave it and just pick some workouts from the catalog or use train now on those days.

Or you can rebuild the plan since removing the race will likely result in different phases depending on the type of A B C race it was. If you chose to rebuild the plan you would want to select the date you started this plan not today as the starting point so that it takes into account what you’ve done up to this point. Keep the end date the same assuming the plan went beyond this race more than the recovery week.

Email support@trainerroad.com for best help with this.

I’ve picked 2 random workouts. Hopefully it will adjust the plan in a few days and select what’s best for me in those days.
Thank you.