Quick VO2 Max Block before SSB?

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I am planning on beginning SSB LV1 after Christmas and am wondering what the best thing to do between now and then is. I will be forced to take an entire week off so it seemed silly to me to begin the plan now. It occurred to me that maybe doing a block of V02 Max work for the next couple weeks might help me get a little FTP bump before beginning my base phase.

Currently I feel like I have a pretty solid base having not really taken much time off since the summer. I have been doing mostly unstructured riding for the past 6 or so weeks with a couple big rides in November, some Zwift races, and some sweet spot work outs as I have felt up to them and also a few days of alpine skiing which I will continue doing through the winter.

Would some VO2 work be beneficial before an off week and beginning a base Phase? Should I just begin the plan now? Something else I’m not thinking of? Thanks!


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you might want to use the Maintenance plan, its under Specialty > Road > Specialty > Enthusiast

also an interesting thread here:

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That’s my plan. Coming off 4 weeks of endurance rides after a leg injury. Two weeks of MWF progressive VO2 workouts. I have a retul bike fit schedule for 1/3, then it’s on to a ramp test, and a 20 min test for comparison. Then SSB

This is perfect, I thought I had seen this discussed somewhere. Thank you!

to be honest, before a week off, I’d just go ride a bunch outside, get massive miles, and build the aerobic engine, have the week of rest, then come is punching for your normal plan.

happy holidays!


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