VO2 Block Before SSB Question

I am currently in the middle of a 6 week VO2 Block before starting SSB. My question is, should I continue sprinkling in VO2 workouts after this block so I don’t lose these adaptations?

I do a modified plan with two hard days per week and three zone 2 rides. I am thinking I could add in a short VO2 stimulus to one of the zone 2 rides without compromising recovery. Maybe one set of 30/15’s or a few longer intervals.

Unless you are doing SSBHV, which is all SS, there should be enough VO2 work in the plans to keep your edge.

Chapeau for doing 6 weeks of VO2max! :boom::trophy:

is there a suggested VO2Max block or training plan?

Coach Chad has his 2-week plan posted somewhere on the forum. Search for it! :male_detective:

I have just slowly been increasing the interval length using some TR workouts and some custom workouts.

My order is:

Week 1

Week 2
30/30’s (3 sets of 10)

Week 3
Rattlesnake (attempted Tuesday, made it through two sets and in the third ERG mode glitched and wouldn’t let me out of the hard start interval, so I had the slow spiral of death and then stopped the workout early)

Week 4
Mills +1 (I just increased intensity to 125->115 instead of 120->110
5 x 3 minute custom workout

Week 5
4 x 4 minute custom workout
Rattlesnake (again)

Week 6
Rest week, maybe do a few V02 intervals on Tuesday, then ramp test on Saturday

what’s the goal of the vo2max…if you don’t lose it, you’ll lose it. so if you don’t have events requiring it, just hit SSB and come back to it.

6 weeks is a lot. if you hae two hard days a week you could make a third vo2 but not sure it’s needed. dont know the whole story here…


Just figured I’d try to pull my FTP up a bit before starting the sweet spot plan. I have been doing long tempo intervals since October and was ready for a bit of a mental break to do some shorter stuff before starting sweet spot.

I agree that 6 weeks is probably a bit much. I am doing a ramp test tomorrow and if I get a bump in FTP I’ll end the VO2 Block at 3 weeks and go into SSB.

Update: Did my ramp test today and got a bump from 217 to 232w, about 3.52 w/kg. I guess a 2 or 2.5 week VO2 block is enough to get a good increase.

I’ll just do a VO2 workout every week with my sweet spot and test again in 6 weeks, hoping for another increase.