Quick peek at my calendar please! Chad, Jonathan, Nate?

I’m going Race the 24 HOP (hope to see you there and , I plan on bringing you some local Missoula crafted Cold Smoke Micro brew )is that a bribe? but was wondering if you could take a quick peek at my plan leading into 24 Hop. I’m on a 4 man team(USMES). I’m in SSBHiVolI, then transition into SPB Hi Vol…and attempted taper the week going into 24 HOP. I will be driving on the days you see blank that week, from Missoula to Tucson. I’ll have a omnium trainer with me to spin at night on my way down to keep the legs from bloating out!

Just wanted a quick …yep looks good or…hmmm have you thought of this?

I’m just off a good solid hi vol year and Cx season that went well. My first week of SSB was not so good as I was pulled in a few directions but the second week felt very good at that volume. And it’s in line hour wise with what I had done volume wise during the year weekly 9-12 hours avg. some more, some less.

Thanks guys!
Patrick Hover

I know I’m not one of those three but I took a look at your plan and it does look good. The only thing I would change is maybe do Dade on the 11th and Fletcher on the 12th before hitting the road to go to 24 HOP.

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Thank you Ian, I’m new here so I only know Pete and the 3 from the podcasts! Thanks for the tip , I’ll take a look at those.


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No problem at all! :slight_smile:

Happy Training!

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So my plan for travel changed a bit, I’m leaving on Monday now. I’ve been on TrainerRoad ONLY since November. My first outdoor ride will be Wednesday down in Tucson pre riding the 24 HOP course. Can you suggest a good week of taper rides for me to lead into the race. So this is my maiden voyage to see how my fitness is from TR.

Driving down I’m going to ride my mountain bike in the hotel Monday night on my feedback sports omnium roller trainer. Probably can’t ride Tuesday , Wed -Friday I can ride at the course.

I’ve never been very good at tapering.
Could you look at my training in the calendar and give me a few taper ideas? I know I probably can’t gain fitness between now and the race but I definitely don’t want to lose any.

Race will be a 4 man team , I’m going up against Jonathan opening lap.