Thank you, Don’t change that channel

Ok, new member of TR, so I’m into my second week of SSB Hi Vol II, my legs are feeling like iron!
I’ve been on my Tacx Neo, TR workout loaded and running on my iPhone, and watching all past live videos of the pod cast on my iPad Pro. Makes the time fly by and I’m getting more familiar with TR.

I hope you guys don’t quit doing what your doing. I love the technical aspects of your podcasts with Coach Chad, and love how you guys are presenting the info. Very entertaining as well. Great guest speakers too. Your doing a great job, and I actually LOOK FORWARD to learning from you all while getting a new level of base training that I wish I would have done last year.

Thanks so much for the Calander and it’s capabilities along with the training plans! WORLD CLASS!

Only rub is none of you are allowed to quit your job at TR. ever…:smiley:

I’ll see you all at 24 HOP, I’m on team USMES.
Jonathan, when you come to Missoula for the Xc I hope to see ya at the race course.

Patrick Hover
Missoula Mt.


Thanks SO MUCH for the kind words!
It’s awesome to hear this feedback from our newest users, it means we’re on the right track! I’m stoked you’re loving the Calendar and its integration with the training plans, it was a huge focus for us this last year. I assure you your legs will feel better the more you train with us! :wink:

Cheers, and best of luck with your training!

P.S. I was just up in Missoula for Collegiate Nationals and the terrain there is beautiful! I was super impressed with all the work MTBMissoula does and can’t wait to see what they turn it into.


It’s a great place to live and train up here! If it was 8000’ we’d be set ! MTB Missoula is a great Organization! I’m a member and support when I can.

I’m in SSB HVol II, and will press into SPB HVol but taper out of that a bit early because of 24 HOP. Can’t wait to see how I feel in Feb.

The hard part for me is MTB outside in the spring and converting those rides to an accurate TSS.

MTB and power meters don’t tell the whole story. So I guess P effort will have to do for TSS , Strava will underestimate TSS based on power but maybe power and heart rate? Not sure?

Anyway thanks!