Question on SSBLV2


I’m on SSBLV2 build phase. I have 3 workouts per week for this plan and I was wondering if it is ok to do them consecutively? For example, Monday and Tuesday VO2Max, Wednesday Threshold.

Is it too much intensity without a day off or low intensity?

No reason why not so long as you can recover in sufficient time, so might be hard if your job is a labourer on a construction site but a bit easier if you are office based. I suspect the threshold workout might feel a little tougher than it normally would. If your compliance doesn’t drop and there’s no huge increase in RPE or tiredness then it’ll be fine.

I think Jonathan has mentioned him doing this in the podcasts.

I do a physical outdoor job, at this time of year it’s weather dependent so move my workouts around to fit around my work schedule.

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I do the MV plans and do Mon,Tues and Wed, and is okay. I do find by the Wednesday that i am looking forward to the rest day.

So just listen to your body. Some soreness is expected you are trying to generate stress to get the adaption. The other thing to think about that stress accumulation in 3 days in a row maintaining the quality of each ride are you getting the full benefit of not having a rest day in between.

I find the day after a rest day, that i can do a tough TR workout and feel good during that effort and rarely feel that i need to wind it back or even not finish the session.

So Give it a go and if the sessions are mentally demanding and physically tough by day 3. Is it worth that.