Adapting Low Volume Training -

This question has probably been asked before but -

I’m currently on SSBLVII, workouts on tues, thurs, and sat.

Naturally, the plan sets me at a 1hr v02max on tues, 1hr SS on thurs and 1.5hr Threshold (O/U) on sat.

I’m just wondering, personally I find the O/U work is more difficult than SS over the same duration - Wouldn’t it make sense to have longer SS work on Saturday and an hour long intense threshold session on Thursday? Or is the point of this to space out the more intense days and having the SS thurs session as a relatively easy day?
(Generally I do easy weight training wend and fri, and rather not extend weekday workouts)

I suppose many of you have the same plan layout as I do - so am wondering if any of you have had the same consideration.

You can move them around when you setup the plan. I often do my 90 mins on a Tuesday because it works for my life. If things change because of life just drag and drop them around. I think as long as you ‘hit your marks’ for the week as a whole your fine. Personal opinion


I can see the thought behind changing the time of the workouts, but to me it seems more beneficial to put more time into something I struggle with, then something I’m already good at, if I want to improve.

I second this as I do the same with moving them around. My O/U are done on Thursdays.