SSBLV2 - Adding Workouts

I am doing SSBLV2 currently. I am finding that I can complete more than the prescribed workouts so I am thinking of adding in a couple of additional workouts (I would rather do this and maintain flexibility).

Tuesdays are pretty busy days for me as I take my son swimming so I am looking at doing the VO2 workout this evening and then doing something fairly easy such as Baxter or Pettit on Tuesday mornings. I often do early morning workouts but VO2 max or anything above threshold is out as I don’t want to wake the house. Anything up the Threshold is generally OK noise wise.

I am also looking to add another 1hr Pettit or Baxter session later in the week depending on the schedule but probably a double day. I have done these before without issue. So my week would look something like this:

Mon (evening) – VO2 1 hr workout or similar workout from the SSBLV plan
Tue (early) – Endurance workout
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday (early) – Threshold or over unders workout from the SSBLV plan
Thursday evening – Endurance workout
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 1hr 30min workout from the SSBLV plan
Sunday – Rest Day or Endurance workout.

It typically works out as about 300 TSS looking at the rest of SSBLV2.

Am I going to cause any issues by adding these workouts in?

Only one way to find out , try it :wink: ! Everybody is different but if you feel like you can do more go for it .
If you start feeling tired skip an easy workout and rest up for the harder workouts .

I 'm also at SSBLV2 and also plan to add workouts. Nothing wrong to it. Howerever you should take into considerations that those plans have specific progressions both intensity and volume. There’s a reason why VO2 max workouts are planned at the beginning of the week. You are supposed to be rested. I suggest for the ssb2 workout you use the corresponding workout not just any.

Then if you want to add volume best bang for your time would be to add 15 minutes to the one hour workouts by doing any endurance work between 60%-70% of FTP (I use taku less warm-up for 15 minutes. You are already warmed-up, set-up and dressed.

Then if you want to have more endurance. Add it very progressively. 30 minutes 2 times and a 2 hours endurance on sunday. Then 45 minutes after a couple of weeks and add 15 minutes every two weeks to the long on Sunday. But the most important thing is that you are recovered for the intensity.

I like to plan endurance workouts that will add sprints first the leg speed ones, the force sprint ones, then power ones. So I get training on all systems and short sprints don’t affect other systems like more intense anaerobic work.

Cheers for the response. I will definitely feel more rested for the VO2 max workout tonight than I will tomorrow morning or evening. So I think it is appropriate to move it to tonight.

What do you mean by the corresponding VO2 ssb2 workout?

So week 2 is 14 minutes of 30/30 three times. Week three is 12 minutes of 1/1 three times you want to keep the progression. And do taylor-2, Bluebell, Mills and Spencer+2 in that order. the Same goes for the other workouts. The thursday workout is SS + sprints (ebbetts), 3 times 12 at treshold but below FTP, 4 time 8 at treshhold below ftp + sprints, 4 times 10 just below FTP, and 4 X 10 rigth at FTP. And the same goes for the 1: 30 workouts there is a progression except for kaweah which is on a lighter work load week.

OK thanks. Makes sense.

I wont be changing any of the prescribed workout just moving the Tuesday one to a Monday evening and adding some endurance workouts to up the volume on appropriate days (but still getting at least 2 rest days a week).

Looks all good but only a test will see if it’s too much to handle. The thing is it might take several weeks to show.

Very true.

Speaking from experience, I added a week to SSBLV2 in order to have a rest week coincide with a vacation. I was careful to keep TSS for the extra week in line with the training plan.

The final week which ends with Lamarck, and Leconte was undoable. The added stress and fatigue finally caught up with me.

You live and learn.