Question on Base Run in Triathlon custom plan

I am currently followin a Plan Built’ Full Distance Triathlon plan. For tomorrow, Trainerroad is serving me with a nice ‘Base Run’ and ‘Swim Speed Intervals’ combination. I have two questions that I hope this forum community can help me with. Let me start with the easiest question / probably shortest answer:

  1. Is it productive / OK to do both these sessions immediately in succession? For instance by first doing the swim and within 30 mins of finishing I do the run?

  2. The description of the ‘Base Run’ is confusing:

It estimates the intensity to be RPE 9 (Race Pace), but the description says RPE6 with only a feew RPE9 bursts. Previously, I have assumed RPE6 to be more or less a Zone 2 run (because people have told me that training in Zone 3 doesn’t really add anything, just do lots of Z2 added with Z4/5 high intensity work), but how should I execute this thing?

Thanks for all help!

Doing these back-to-back is fine – I do that all the time because life’s busy and there’s a treadmill right next to the pool. Can’t imagine fatigue from the swim will break down your running form.

Other than the RPE 9 bursts, base runs should be easy, z2 runs.

  1. Yes, but longer term you are better off having 4hr+ in between sessions to maximise adaptations

  2. Don’t worry about the intensity estimate

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FYI, adaptive training can and will mess with swim and run workouts and create some discrepancies between title, text and RPE. When in doubt, run slow.

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I already thought the adaptive aspect is causing this. So will run slow if in doubt, but should technically Intensity Estimate be guiding or the Description?

It looks like an easy / base run with 8x Strides to me, or at least that is how I read it.

Strides typically being 15 - 30 seconds at 85 - 95%, smooth acceleration during the first quarter then maintaining the pace, concentrating on an aspect of form during the burst or strides.

Think about form during the bursts, I’d tend to concentrate on a single different aspect of form during each, the ones I feel are more of an issue, in no particular order that might be…

  • Running Tall
  • Relaxed (neck, shoulders, jaw)
  • Co-ordinated driving arms
  • Foot placement
  • Leg Drive

The intensity estimate is always aligned to that of the hardest thing in the workout, so no. Quite often it’s an easy run with a few seconds fast here and there (like this one).

I go by the title and if the text is way off I will raise it with support to check.

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