High Vol Half Distance Triathlon Build - Workout title incorrect


In Week 6 of the HV HD Build, there are Run Interval workouts described on sequential days. The first one should be Base Run.


Hey, Joe.

Can you let me know where you’re seeing that the base run should be first?

From what I can see from the Training Plans page and applied on my own calendar, the two interval run workouts in sequence with the base run at the end are intended:

I dont see that plan applied to your calendar yet so maybe you were just looking at applying it after your race, but please let me know where you’re seeing that so I can help out!

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I’ve never seen TR schedule an Interval run two days in a row, and I think I’ve done all the tri plans :laughing:

This is from the Training Plans section of the app:

I would be really surprised if it’s not intended to be base or tempo maybe.

Does “flash run” mean intervals?

Tempo would make some sense I guess. I think it’s bananas that there are still 4 high intensity sessions (excluding the swims) in a week on the triathlon plans. I thought that the Tri plans had been updated!

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That is the updated version :crazy_face:

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(jk, jk)

The plan is correct! This is intended.

Flash was a typo, workouts have been updated.

I’ll go ahead and mark this thread as ‘resolved’ unless you have further questions on this plan in particular?

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I think they’re tempo/threshold runs depending on the nomenclature you use. Sometimes broken up. 25mins or 3x15mins at RPE8 are couple from Build phase.


I’m still seeing flash run in the text, and as above some of the run descriptions aren’t interval runs as most people would understand them.

I was trying to decide between HV HD and LV FD and I’ve decided on the latter so I’ve no skin in the game, just an interested party.

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@gesteves Me after a week :joy:

@JoeX So pretty tough runs in other words. The structure seems very similar to what is was previously. I’d probably alternate the bike and runs so that you’d have 2x bike 1x run one week, and 1x bike 2x run the following week. Even that would be pretty rough going. Best of luck with the FD LV plan.

Yeah, nobody would plan two hard runs in a row.

HV HD is probably the only one I haven’t used before so maybe it was always like that. I had some great gains on HV Olympic last year - I think I prefer more sessions/shorter sessions - and as I’ve done six Ironman triathlons I don’t feel the need for months of long rides. I did just a few before IM Barcelona and hit my goals there.

I did it last summer, though my compliance was not great. It looks like the runs were back to back then as well. At the some point I moved one of the interval runs to Monday and took Tuesday as rest day so I’d get a bit of recovery. But I ended up doubling up on Thurs with Threshold bike and interval run, after a VO2 bike on Wed, so I almost definitely made things worse :joy: . After that I ditched one run completely, then my race got cancelled, so I did a bike race league instead, and, at that stage my plan was all over the place.

Long distance biking this year, with a bit short easy running. I’ve an Olympic in a couple of months, but it’s mostly just for fun. I’m only just back in the water, but I’m part fish anyway so I’ll be fine. I’ll aim for a proper Tri next year.

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The fix is now live! Sorry for the confusion, we did originally miss one of those ‘flash’ texts. Athletes with this plan need to delete and re-apply it to see those updates.

‘Interval Run’ is made to distinct it from a ‘base run’. Meaning: there will be structured work. This is correct. :slight_smile:

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