Run training in the Base Phase

I would think that Run training in the base phase could use a mix of intensities more closely aligned with the philosophy of the cycling workouts. All the run workouts seem to be Easy - Moderate RPE 6, with no harder tempo or threshold type efforts.


Anyone follow an alternative plan for the run workouts to use alongside a TrainerRoad BBS Triathlon plan?

I base a lot of my running on the plans in 8020 Triathlon

I’ve been following the BarryP approach, 15 minute runs 6 days a week at 5k pace + 1:30 / mile with 2 runs at +1 minute, and 1 at +2 minute, cumulative (so week 1 is 15/15/15/16/16/17, week 2 is 15/15/15/17/17/19) alongside traditional base mid volume.

I wouldn’t describe it as intensity, but running even for 25 minutes after a 2 hour z2 workout gets the heart rate up there and I’ve noticed some pretty favorable body composition changes, mostly in some pretty nice lookin’ quads.

I’ve been following the recommendations in Joe Friel’s book “Fast After 50.” I do:
Lactate threshold intervals, usually 3x8 min at 90-95% with 2:30 minute recoveries
Aerobic-capacity intervals, usually 5x2 min close to max capacity with 2 recoveries
Aerobic threshold at easier pace for around 1:20 at this time of year.
I’m training for 70.3 races next summer.

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If you have 9-10 Workouts / week, you shouldn’t try to do every single one with intensities…
If your FTP is tested correct and you really swim as hard as prescribed, there is not much room for really hard intervals in running.
I’d rather do more volume than more running intensity on fatigued legs.

I would say the answer is always “it depends”
Major variables that would educate a decision would be (there are many others):

  • Athletic age and experience
  • Relative strength of running when compared to the rest
  • Running injury history

No particular order here but generalist approaches to running more often than not cause bad things.

he also says that most of your fitness should be build through biking and a lot athlets spend too much time running - cycling fitness equals running fitness NOT the other way round

I think it is the same approach here - to not load your body with to much stress while running because it is much more likely to get an injury

I trust the plan and I am more than happy with the results so far

Nevertheless I had similar thoughts when I started the low volume half ironman triplan

Hmmm… some good thoughts (especially Anita, Nprazeres and Amnesty). Oxygen Addict talks about something similar - getting your intensity from the bike and then building time on your feet with the run. I also use the Garmin Training Load Balance metrics so will be interesting to see if this supports the view that I’m getting enough intensity on the bike/swim and therefore don’t need more on the run. Ok… will give it a go (plus no doubt the odd race or ParkRun here or there).

Thx all…

when I started doing these runs, especially the short, hard ones, I was doing long warm-ups and then 2-3 miles for endurance (and weight loss). This was too much and now I limit the warm-up and cool-down to around 10 minutes. Now these running workouts are closer to 38-45 minutes instead of an hour or more.