Do triathlon plans incorporate base, build, and specialty phases for swim and run

Hello, I am relatively new to TR and working through sweet spot base 2. I am thinking about moving to a triathlon plan next and starting from the base phase there. I was curious if the swim and run workouts suggested also follow a base, build, and specialty progression?
Thank you for any information you can share.

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Hey there!

The Triathlon plans are a complete package, meaning that when you add them to your Calendar, it also adds the appropriate Runs and Swims to your Calendar as well :slight_smile:

The Runs and Swims progress from Base, Build, and Specialty just like the runs do, and they aim to get you as fast as possible on race day :boom:


Thank you @Bryce, good to know as I wasn’t sure if they were just general workouts that stayed the same throughout the year or if they also progressed like the bike workouts through the 3 phases

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