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What are your views on the Wim Hoff method? Any benefits for cyclists to do it outside training times?

No idea about the whim Hoff method. There is definitely huge advantages from doing workouts outside and definitely should be done. At the moment it might be a bit hard for some to do outside. We all have to remember that training on a trainer is not real life. Yes you can get better controlled efforts on the trainer, but in real life conditions nothing is perfect evey time for every effort and it is definitely worth learning to try and complete efforts I less than perfect conditions. In a race situation it’s not about having the highest ftp but more about being able to execute the effort when needed be it on a climb or even putting out the watts down a climb or learning where where you can save energy by being more aero and gaining a bit of recovery when needed. At the end of the day remember you want to be as efficient as possible for the least energy expenditure. These are all skills I feel can’t be learned riding on trainer I side .

Another question for the podcast… I’m doing the full distance IM plan, currently in build phase. My event has been cancelled for the year but still wanted to go through build and speciality plan as I am new to TR and interval training so want to learn how My body and systems will cope.

  1. I had a VO2max bike session Monday morning and the run instructions for the afternoon were vo2max intervals as well. I’m not sure what the best way to structure run sessions is accounting for all the bike structured training. Isn’t it the same system that cycling intervals call on? Should run training be all bases or intervals? How best can they be interspersed between the specific bike intervals?
  2. I’ve found that I can destroy every type of interval, in most cases able to up the intensity one or two percent but the 3 minute vo2max intervals completely destroy me. I can only manage a couple before dropping the intensity 5-8 percent. I did 2 minute Interval session Which I was able to get through at 100%. What is the best way to build up my weakness here? Do lower intensity 3 minute intervals or full intensity 2 minute intervals until my body catches up? Or a mix of the two?

Thanks for the great product and FYI, your support team is 5 star!!

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