Question for any TR users from Portugal

I think there are at least a couple of forum users from Portugal, apologies to others for this very specific question meant only to satisfy my curiosity.

For those in Portugal, are there a lot of amateur road races and how do you find them? I know of a lot of gran fondos, are those the only events for amateurs? I have other questions but I’ll keep it simple for now!

I know Audax Portugal are quite active if that suits.

Thanks! Is there any link for that?
The Lisbon region would be great for a weekly night crit series! There are a lot of cyclists who would love to race in that framework but there is no structure either than a growing number of Gfondos.
There are warehouse areas without night traffic which would be great for creating multiple circuits.
It is strange why none had yet risked to promote something like that.

I forgot to say I’m American (but also hold Portuguese citizenship), so I’m only really familiar with amateur racing in the US, I did the Estrela granfondo in 2018 when I went there

I think they also have a FB page and I followed them in Twitter during PBP.