Guy goes from cat 2 to cat 1 in a season, cool video showing how he did it


@Nate_Pearson, a TR user?

Bristol GP was spotted in there. I rode the Cat 3/4 this year. The E/1/2 had to tackle the fantastic cobbles of Queen Square. Made for a great race.

Anyone have a breakdown for UK upgrades?

Cool video, and man thats a lot of racing!

No clue, but he’s killing it!!

Damn those are some wide open (and good pavements) for bunch finishes. I need to go race there.
It is very rare to have those types of finishes here in NA with that much room.

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Dang, tough requirements making it have to happen all in one season and the retention clause!

No wonder there have been so many high level British riders in the pro ranks, they have a much harder time climbing the ladder!

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True enough, but browse the ‘events’ calendar…there’s a ton of racing! Maybe they do a lot less training and a lot more racing (and a lot more accessible racing).

What do the U.K. TR members say?

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It all depends the category of races you choose to compete in. Get some decent results in a national A or B road race and you could soon see your points total ramp up. Of course, those races are exceptionally hard and usually dominated by professional teams.

In the North West of England I could race a crit, E123 or 234 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then a similar regional road race at weekend. Running from April thru September. One of my team mates went for his 1st category license a couple of years back and managed it just.