European/Asian/Americas on TR?

I am wondering if anybody does know the distribution of TR members by region? It sometimes feels this is mainly Americas (more specific North-A). I am from Switzerland though.
Thanks in advance


Europe here as well! Romania

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Germany represent!

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Related post / poll from a while ago:

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UK - England to be specific :+1:

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Many times it does feel like the forum is all American - esp considering the threads regarding racing fees/experiences (gosh, entry fees are really high there). Sometimes I see some UK stuff, reading nutrition tips. I think we can all learn from each other, though.
For me it’s s really fascinating to read how you guys manage to cram in time for training besides all the other things that need to be ticked in a day.
I was looking at the poll and the really shocking thing was that there is nobody in Italy though - this is a country with great cycling tradition - maybe this is the reason? They train exclusively outside, using the traditional way? Or perhaps no one from Italy answered to the poll and there are actually many members.
Looking back on my very limited experience with indoor platforms like Rouvy&co there were not many Italians there.

Sweden :v:


How many Italian language forums & podcasts do you follow? :wink:

I suspect Nordics have such a high representation here because their English is excellent.

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Mixed Asian/European - Grew up in South East Asia and now live in Europe. :slight_smile: I’ll make up for the missing demographic!


Oh, I’m not saying there are no Italian forums or resources like that! On the contrary, I’m very aware of their great tradition in cycling. The participation at sportives there is just huge.
I was just wondering why there are so few on TR and your explanation regarding language is really plausible!

Being new to this forum for some months and experiencing the depth and intense discussions in the forum I am just wondering why there haven’t developed yet local language forums. French, Italian, Nordics, Germans, Spanish are all countries with lots of bikers…and as discussed…language is a barrier - anyhow just an observation!

I’m from South Australia!

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Netherlands (living in France/Switzerland).

Linked poll suggests 37% US with 22% UK which probably feels reasonable - although I think if you adjust for population the UK (67m) is heavily over-represented compared to the US (332m). Possibly a higher proportion of turbo users here given the weather :smiley:

And Canada’s a bit over 50% the UK population but only 32% the number of respondents.

Quick breakdown:

Country Poll respondents per 1m population
UK 0.79
Scandics 0.45
Can 0.44
Aus 0.38
USA 0.27
Ger 0.17

If you assume forum users are roughly equally distributed with TR users, then the UK looks heavily over-represented on a per-capita basis.

Of course, being an English language forum that’s probably not reasonable and non-English speaking countries are likely to be under-represented, as people from non-English speaking countries are presumably less likely to be on the forum. But given UK, USA, Canada and Australia are all English language, UK still looks over-represented (as above Scandinavians also tend to have really good English so that makes sense too).


I’m a Canadian who lives in France now. While I know UK roads are not as cycling friendly as in France, they’re still incredible by Canadian standards. There roads tend to be straight and wide, often flat and in a grid.

And you can literally ride for days, if not weeks, and the landscape. Never. Changes.

Also having several Brit TDF winners and Oly gold medallists likely boosted popularity!

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Belgium! :wave:

USA is questionable! :joy::joy::joy:…random z’s everywhere!


Actually I answered it for what I remember… I need to check… I live in the north west part and many of us as it’s cold here train indoor… I know a couple of people who, like me, use TR… most of them, though, uses other platforms (mainly Zwift)… a good portion still follows a structured plan outside (mosto shops open 8:30-12:30 and 15:30-19:30, so they have a time during lunch break

Edit yup I voted before… I voted again lol… nevertheless it shows 0% ahah

Portugal, present. 243 voters only on the poll and honestly “Europe - Spain/Portugal/Iberian” is a bit offensive… like USA/Canada or Argentina/Brasil or… Argentina and Brasil speak Spanish… a bit offensive. But some good statistics, from TR actual Database would be nice. @Nate_Pearson