Any German road racers out there? Advice needed

I’ve just moved to Berlin and looking to get stuck in to some road races and crits this summer. Can anyone help me understand the race categories?

I know I can’t get a licence without joining a team. I think there are three categories I can race in. Can someone tell me the difference between these three?

Jedermann (Everybody)

Amateur races - you need a license (e.g. join a club (“Verein”).

Jedermann races - these are often Gran Fondos (“Radmarathons”). License-holders and non-license holders can start. However, only Cat C Amateurs/license holders can start. Cat A and B not. These races do not have to follow the National Cycling Federation’s (BDR) rules. Organizers can do what they want.

Hobby races - “normal” road races and crits. Only non-license holders. Races have to meet the National Cycling Fed’s requirements.

From a participant’s perspective Jedermann and Hobby is the same. Race characters are often different. I don’t know how good your German is but here you’ll find a proper definition:

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Amazing. Thank you for your help sryke.

Any other tips I should know?

I just started a thread about this here:

If you have a UCI license, you should be able to use that for licensed races. I looked this up and for USACycling that license is about $200. Not sure if that’s better than membership fees + license and the medical that German athletic federations tend to require.

I forgot to say, we should ride once I get to Berlin in August!

In Germany a medical is only required for getting a license when you are a junior or above 60 or 65 or so (don’t know the exact age).

I race a lot in Italy - I live as South as it gets in Germany - these medical certificates are always a p-i-a, quite bureaucratic there but they have a great racing scene there.

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Im going to try some Hobby or Jedermann races and see what it’s like, and maybe join a club later in the season. My UK licence has expired so would have to buy a new one. Might as well look to get a new German one.

ds84 - thanks for the link. Some good info in your post too. Give me a message later in the year and I can help you with whatever info I have learnt. I’ve raced a cat 4 crit in NY before so I have an idea of the standard in the US. And of course would love to go for a ride once you are out here!

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That checks out. Haven’t lived in Germany long-term since high school. :slight_smile: