Question about rescheduling Races / Plan Builder / A and B type of events


due to the Pandemic, races are now being reschedule to a later date.
My initial year plan was something like this:

  • A event (IM70.3) in early June
  • A event (multi-day MTB race) late August
    and some B events around those two (basically 'till June most of the large events have been cancelled while some smaller ones could still take place)

so far the MTB-A-event is still planned for end of August (with some risk, obviously) but the IM70.3 event has been now rescheduled and confirmed for mid-Sept.
How would you recommend to reschedule/change the calendar using Plan Builder?
it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to have 2 A-events so close to each other, or does it?
how does Plan builder switch between a triathlon program and a MTB program based on what I indicate as A or B event?
I’m asking because I fear that if I put the IM70.3 as a B-event then I won’t get enough runs and swims to prepare it… or?
Happy to get your thoughts and advice on how to create a good plan that would support me in the next months with the objective of doing a good MTB stage-race but also not forgetting the run and swim for the triathlon event!
(I’m as well aware that in these crazy times I might need to set new priorities and objectives…maybe turn the IM70.3 into a B event?)