Pushing your LIMITS?

I am nearly a year into doing High Volume Plans, I have only missed and or failed on 4 workouts all year, I eat reasonably well. My FTP has grown steadily (first year back to full training) but I don’t know if I am really pushing my limits, how can I better tell if I am really pushing as hard as my body can handle?

Any tips advice or recommendations?

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Try a race? I always find my limits when racing.


I agree, the best way to test your limits it to ride with the best people you can. There is always someone faster and racing with them is a great way to realise your own limits


@Jbeecheyuk & @SpencerStone thanks, yes I will definitely do that. Have signed up for a few races early next year.


Do you want to know if you’re pushing close to your current limits or close to your ultimate limit? Two very different things.


Current limit, as I know it is likely to take several years to build up to my ultimate limit.

Go and do some cross racing. That always finds my limit…