SST Mid Volume Base 2 - moving long rides to weekdays

I have the good fortune of having a lot of time to train mid-week, but my weekends are a lot busier with family commitments. To accommodate this I’ve been swapping my Thursday and Sunday workouts so I am doing 2 hours on Thursdays, 1.5 hours on Sundays. I am considering doing something similar for Tuesday-Saturday as well.

Has anyone tried this previously? Are there major downsides I’m not considering here? I don’t typically do stage races so I generally am OK with not doing two longer days back to back. My main events are in the 3 hour range, and focus on sustained power (rolling road races, gravel races), and 1 hour crits.

As long as you are recovered and able to hit the workouts as planned, at the prescribed intensity, you are fine to swap as needed.

The days are usually set to do a Hard ride, then Medium or Easy ride, Rest day, and then repeat. But you can sort them any way that works if you do them to completion.


I start my week on Monday and I do the 1:30 on Friday morning and 2:00 on Saturday, and that works for me. That said, I think the reason the weeks are structured as they are is to allow for the fact that most people have more time available on weekends, rather than stacking long days for some additional training benefit.

You could start your weeks on Monday as well, but structure as follows:
M - VO2
T - Pettit
W - 1:30 sweet spot/over/under/Kaweah
R - Off
F - Threshold
Sa - 2:00 sweet spot
Su - Off

I think that would be manageable. I would structure it that way because I find over/unders more taxing than threshold work, so I would feel better coming off of threshold to go into sweet spot rather than coming off threshold to go into over/unders. That said, no reason you couldn’t do the 2:00 sweet spot work on Wednesday followed by the off day and move Over/Unders to Saturday if that’s manageable for you.