How to address Long rides on the weekend?

My target event is a 200 mile gravel race in Late October(fingers crossed). Starting SSBMVII with a path of SSBI>SSBII>SPB>CS. All Mid-Volume.

My intent is to get a long ride in on the weekends. Generally the Plans seem to have a progression of Threshold or Sweet Spot work on the weekends. I know life will get in the way from time to time and a long outside ride won’t happen every weekend. Would I just want to sub back in whatever the workouts were supposed to be that weekend, even though I wouldn’t be following the progression? There also is no way to assure that a long ride will always be on a certain day, so how should I prioritize which workout to keep and which to scrap?

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Sometimes I do that! I do a long ride on Saturday (for example, 6hrs this past Saturday). Couple weeks ago it was raining out so the workout moved indoors…Mary Austin was scheduled but it just didn’t seem like enough work so I did Excelsior instead. That’s 4:15 of endurance work vs 1:30 of, well, Mary Austin. But sometimes it’s better just to go ahead and do the scheduled Mary Austin (or whatever).

Thought about just doing the low volume plan during the week so your weekends are clear for the long ride? Worst case you’re time crunched on saturday/sunday can add the corresponding sat/sun workouts from the MV plans?

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that is a choice but, I don’t see how that is all that different than the current situation i guess.

Each workout describes it’s intended adaptations. Keep workouts that align better with your target event (e.g. durable SS vs punchy VO2max, etc). In that sense, SS workout is easily replaceable with longer Z2 but substituting VO2max doesn’t work well.

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