Push A Week in the calendar

Hey there - first post, sorry if covered already, but a search on keywords didn’t give me the answer:

I’m traveling this week and can’t get the training in. It’s now Monday and my first workout is tomorrow (tues).

I essentially want to insert a break from the calendar I show now. How?

I am on ssb-lv1. I’ve tried both app (iOS) as well as desktop.

What am I missing? Thanks!!!

Did you try this?

  • Manipulating Entire Weeks
    • Weeks can be edited altogether by utilizing the ellipsis button on the right side of Calendar. This only applies to the current and all future weeks. When you select the ellipsis, depending on the week, you have the option to Copy Week, Pull Week, Push Week, and Clear Week.

  • Push Week - allows you to shift a certain week, along with all following workouts, forward one week. Again, annotations will not move when making this edit.


And all those emojis. Glad to see that it was me (well, not really) - thanks a ton for the quick response. Can now ready easy knowing that next week is going to hit me like a ton of bricks :wink: