Progression Level vs TSS

Hi TR minds. Quick question about progression.
Which takes precedence, progression level or TSS to increase each week on the same day.

Let’s assume both rides are 1:15 minutes long.
Ride A is Tempo 4.4 with TSS 75
Ride B is Tempo 4.2 with TSS 81

Should ride B come before ride A due to progression level - or- A before B based on TSS

Thx in advance.


Personal opinion, not sure if its backed by others:

I would choose progression levels over TSS, I would take the total weekly TSS as a mild guideline of not overdoing things.

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Workout levels for sure. I find them to be very accurate. The workout level algorithm is an amazing TR breakthrough IMO that allows you to carefully select a workout of the desired difficulty. Changes in interval clustering can make a workout much harder or much easier than another workout with the exact same TSS.

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Thx very much.

Thx, that helps.