Power drop-outs on Kickr after most recent update?

Is anybody else having issues with maintaining a steady power during workouts on Kikr trainers using Erg mode after the most recent Trainerroad update? For the most part, all continues to be good but usually have 2-3 instances during an interval where the power matching (controlled by Stages meter) seems to drop off so that the pedaling becomes super easy (and power drops 25-50%) for 2-5 seconds before catching back up and returning to the prescribed power. I find that this happens more during my difficult (i.e. sweet spot to threshold and above) efforts.

Also, what happened to Standard mode when not using Erg? That was my favorite manual mode.

For reference, I’m using a 2018 Kikr paired to a Stages power meter (using Ant+) and had not previously had this issue.


There do seem to be more reports of issues on ANT+ recently. TR just converted to the official ANT+ FE-c protocol. My riding partner is having spike and irregularity issues on PC & ANT+.

Is ANT+ F-EC the only supported ANT+ option now? For example, on the Device screen of the TR app, will the user see the trainer twice (i.e., Wahoo FE-C 12345 and Kickr 12345) or only see the FE-C option? Perhaps, TR lists them out differently (e.g., Wahoo vs generic ANT+) :man_shrugging:

If both are presented, then the users need to be made aware to select the FE-C option.

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Good question, and one I don’t know for sure. I think FE-C is it for now, but I may be wrong.

Woah! Me too! I thought it was just my equipment and that I’d finally have to run a USB extension (even though I didn’t have to before)

Yep, I’m having exactly the same thing.

Original Kickr controlled via ant+, power matching a power2max.

Nb. I’m using some QXL rings, it’s not been an issue in the past but thought it was worth noting in case it’s related to the overshoot when the Kickr comes back…

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Same set up as me but Assiomas.

It’s interesting that people are having problems with Ant+. I’ve been using my android phone and bluetooth lately, but my last ride started having power dropouts exactly as described here. I fixed it by going back to using my laptop and Ant+.

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My I did a ride on my Kickr Core a few days ago and was having really bad drop outs. It’s fairly new but out of the 7-8 times I’ve used it, it was my first time having dropouts. I wonder if it’s related.

Yes, I am having the exact same problem – since early March, much more spiky power readings around the TR targets, and difficulties matching power even though my cadence is kept at a reasonably steady 98-100 rpm. I’m on a Kickr 2018, using power match to control the Kickr from my Favero Assioma Duo pedals (through power match on the TR app). Would love to figure this out!

See the official comment:

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Thanks Chad…I saw this post earlier, but I have always been connected via Bluetooth, and encountered the greater fluctuations in ERG mode since early March using BT rather than Ant+

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Got it (that BLE part was not in the earlier info).

As such, I suspect you are see more an issue with the recent changes to PowerMatch than this ANT+ issue. They revised PM a short while ago. Seems to be better for many, but I know some still have issues with it.

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Here is my update:

Hi Brennen,

  1. I’ve done a Factory Spindown on the Kickr and checked it’s firmware.

  2. I’ve tested Sufferfest on the following set up via ANT+ > Kickr, Vectors, Garmin HRM and TR via Windows laptop. That worked fine.

  3. This afternoon I have run the Kickr via Bluetooth to my phone. that also worked fine. But of course I could not use Power Match or my Garmin HRM, so not ideal.

  4. The next step is to run TR the way I ran Sufferfest in point 2 to see if the bug is fixed. Will let you know how that goes.

I’d welcome any feedback you have on this approach.

Thanks for your help.


I think it might be a combination of ANT FE-C & power match that’s making this such an issue.

Check out this first ‘over under’ (all over the place) interval from palisade:

During the workout you can see the icons on the bottom left change (as if signal has been lost). I’d seen this before the ANT FE-C update but historically the trainer resistance would stay constant during these drop outs & when it came back. Occasionally this would lead to an extended interval or delayed start but it was still viable.

Now when the drop out happens the pedals go light & you get this oscillation when it comes back.

Is there any timescale for fixing this? or a way to revert to old mode coming soon? It’s not an issue for pettit etc… but I really don’t want to deal with this in the middle of challenging workouts.

there are a few posts from TR reps about the ANT+ issues:

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Thanks for sharing these, @mcneese.chad!

@SteveMoore, sorry to hear about the recent issues with your trainer disconnecting! Have you contacted us at support@trainerroad.com? We’re hoping to combine all the user reports of this issue together so that once we have a fix we can update everyone at once! Having an email in with our system will help. :smile:

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E-mail sent.


Hi All!

I posted this earlier, in another thread, but I wanted to make sure that everyone who needs this information sees it!