Quitting TR. Someone reply when they push an update

As many threads have reported ant+ pairing has been an issue since the last update. I have emailed support, tried every suggestion, bought a new trainer, Bluetooth dongle and everything still continues to drop.

I quit. THis is clearly TR’s issue, not wahoo (I have two tacx now) not ant+ (because it happens on Bluetooth), and not interference (because everyone is facing this and why does it work one day and not the next).

TR push an update already or roll back your last update until you can get it right.


Do you have dropouts when Zwifting?

I’ve been using TR daily over ANT+ connected to a Tacx Neo. I have seen no pairing or dropout issues.

You are also saying that it does not work for you using Bluetooth?

Works just fine when I remove the smart trainer or when I ride via Garmin

Yes. Same behavior on Bluetooth.

Tacx vortex with garmin vector and tickr

What device (iOS, Android, Mac, PC) and what dongle?

Windows. Two different pc (one win10, one something older) with fresh tr installs and drivers.

I have two ant+ dongles, one tacx with a long cord, one Garmin.

The Bluetooth is from mouser, it’s what tr recommends on their support page

Just to add to this, I have had what appear to be communication issues between my vector 2 pedals and Android phone, so it isnt windows dependent it would seem. No dropouts per say, but wandering power, varying cadences for same power output etc. Seems like some hardware is just not having a good time communicating with TR as of late. I’m on a dumb trainer so cannot report on ERG functionality.

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I use an old power tap for TR. I have had issues in the past inside my house. To solve it I used my cell network instead of Wifi. I saw this on a thread and it seemed to work. Lately I have been using WiFi and it’s been working fine. I don’t have any drop signals.

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Thanks. I’m a firm believer in interference- I’ve tried a ton of things to eliminate in this series of events and Bluetooth shouldn’t be susceptible as ant+ (amirite?).

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@berto2cj If there are any Bluetooth devices like your phone, tablet, etc, disable the Bluetooth for the duration of your workout.


It depends. Bluetooth and ANT+ both use the same 2.4GHz frequency band. The signalling is different, but the frequency band is the same. Note, that most users wifi is also in this same frequency band.

Some people have better luck with ANT+, while some have better luck with Bluetooth. It depends on the environment.

If you’re going to use ANT+, I suggest disabling the Bluetooth in your computer/laptop. If using Bluetooth, remove the ANT+ dongle. If you’re going to use Bluetooth, configure your wifi to use channel 1, 6, or 11 to reduce interference. Better yet regardless of whether you use Bluetooth or ANT+, switch to 5GHz wifi.


Agreed on this one. I disable all my other bluetooth devices when I use TR on my large ipad. Once all my devices are connected to my ipad, I turn bluetooth back on my phone so I can listen to music through my airpods.


With TR since 2015. Using it with MAC and IOS with ANT+ and BT at the sa,e time. While I have TR on one screen I have Tacx videos and software connected. And then Spotify to my headset plus WiFi around. Plus Ant+ PM connected to headset.

Zero zero zero issues. It is not TR, i believe it is Win OS.


This may or may not be related to your issues but I was having a bunch of dropout issues using an ant+ dongle. I could never figure it out but it turned out that there’s some issue with my USB port so it was randomly disconnecting and reconnecting the dongle.


With Windows, you should make sure the USB port is not going into power save which I believe to be the default setting.

Google “disable usb power management windows” and you should find an appropriate resource guiding you to this setting for your particular version of Windows.

Another issue with USB ports on your PC/laptop is that they might not all supply the same power. You can check this via Device Manager. Ideally for ANT+, you should be using a 500mA port. Again, check with Google.

I do not have a Windows machine anymore or would offer you screenshots.


Sounds like you just have a bunch of radio interference. Anything wireless is going to be using the same spectrum. Maybe a neighbor just bought a whole-house wifi video security system and and your wifi spectrum is a disaster since the day they turned it on. So look for wifi (including neighbors devices), other bt devices, wireless xfinity tv, and even microwave ovens can cause issues. Wikipedia has a nice summary of the common uses here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_2.4_GHz_radio_use
Heck, maybe you have a jerk neighbor running a jammer or some other unshielded thing. Eg, whenever my central air handler turns on I get a short dropout on my internet, even on the wired connections. EMF’s a pain…

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@berto2cj, I wanted to jump in here and apologize for all of the issues you’ve been dealing with. :disappointed: This is our company priority to get sorted out, and have a team working on it right now.

Our App Product Manager and some of our Software Engineers believe they’re onto something on TR’s end. We’re still investigating, but you may be right that there’s an underlying TR issue behind all of this. Interference is usually the most common issue in cases like this, and it can be difficult to differentiate mere interference from bugs. Troubleshooting interference always our starting point for anyone experiencing symptoms like these, but if interference troubleshooting doesn’t help, you may be affected by an issue on our end.

We’re hoping that we’ve found a root cause for at least some of the issues you’ve been experiencing, and we’ll make sure that IF we have found a solution, we’ll make new app downloads available to any users affected. We’ll keep you posted, by responding here on the forum and via email as soon as we have more information on this.

@GThomas, I’m sorry to hear about your issues between your Vector 2 pedals and your Android device. I searched for you under your TR Forum username, but couldn’t find an active Support ticket with us or a TR Career page. If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind emailing us at support@trainerroad.com? That way, we’ll be able to troubleshoot this issue with you in a bit more detail than we can offer here on the forum.


Thanks Larry!

FWI: I have a Tacx NEO; I use the Tacx ANT+ dongle (great antennas) that is 2-3 ft away (i.e. line of sight). I train in my garage (thick walls to the house and outdoors) so little interference possible from elsewhere. The only possible source of interference is that my phone talks to my Sonos speakers over WiFi. However, I have been using this setup since I joined TR last August with the dropout occurring only since the last 1 to 2 releases of TR software.

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I put in a ticket last night, though it’s my fault for not doing it sooner! Let me know if it’s not showing up for some reason, thanks!

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