2018 Wahoo Kickr keeps dropping power

Just today my 2018 wahoo Kickr started to drop out on power. It’s connected but on erg more it just drops literally every 30 seconds.

I tested this on multiple platforms with both ANT+ and Bluetooth. I turned off all nearby wireless connections. No joy and the Kickr keeps dropping out.

Anyone having any similar issues? I’m on the latest firmware.


Hi there

Yes, my 2018 Kickr Core has just started playing up, with exactly the same issue. I was wondering if the Ant+ signal was suffering from interference, so I bought a USB extension so the receiver is now directly beneath the Kickr. This has improved things a little, but I still had a couple of dropouts during my workout.

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Disconnect from power overnight then reconnect then warmup and do spin down. This is the protocol I use when my kickr is acting up and usually does the trick


i am having the same issue with my kickr (1st gen). doesn’t matter whether i connect via ant+ or bluetooth. since it does work fine with strava i started to rebuild workouts there, but that kinda defeats the purpose of TR… any suggestions how to fix this? (kickr is only connected to power when in use)



I have the exact same problem. TR is almost unusable at the moment

My Kickr is around 2 years old.
Latest firmware loaded
Issues persist even after CLEAN install of TR
I have cadence sensor that also connects via the same ANT+ connection but I never lose connection. When I lose connection and select devices it appears that TR is trying to reconnect with my Kickr but is unable to. I can only connect when I cancel the attempted connection and re-pair the Kickr and TR
Contacted support but have been unable to locate the problem.

It seems thou I’m not the only one with the same issue


I used to have this problem with Ant+, until I got the USB extension cable that TrainerRoad recommends. With this, I have the USB stick sitting at the end of the center legal (I zip tied the USB stick / cable to the center leg), which puts the USB stick really close to both my Kickr and power meter.

With the above setup, I haven’t gotten a dropout in a long time - so long I don’t remember the last time I got one.


I wasn’t having any connection issues until I upgraded to Catalina and subsequently had to upgrade TR. for whatever reason I can’t connect via Bluetooth which is supposedly a better connection. I had to turn Bluetooth off in TR and have since been able to connect. I started wondering if the Bluetooth in the Kickr has somehow gone awry but I haven’t had time to test it with another device. I do have a USB cable that runs from the laptop to the Kickr.

Kickr- original
Quadra Elsa
Wahoo HR
2017 MacBook Pro
Cheap Bluetooth headphones

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I have a MacBook Pro still running High Sierra (10.13.6) and have started having dropouts from my Kickr Core, but not my Stages or Garmin HR strap. All via a Garmin ANT+ dongle which I’ve been using since 2016. This only started happening with the latest TR software update. Sometimes when I fire the TR app up, ANT+ shows as OFF even though I never remove the dongle. I have to restart the app to get it to pick up the dongle. I’ll have to try it with an old Windows laptop to rule out the Mac TR app as the culprit.

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I followed the instructions from Wahoo: https://wahoofitness.yonyx.com/y/conversation/?id=688377c0-cb09-11e7-b6cf-bc764e10d166&did=8e440190-fb14-11e9-882f-4201c0a8017a&lang=en.

The Kickr ran fine for a few days but is back to intermittent dropouts.

ok, i just got off the kickr from another totally frustrating ride. tr app keeps dropping the kickr left and right, even when using a usb-extention (which i tried but makes no difference)
i would not be so cheeky blaming the software if i wasn’t using the exact same hardware and setup with zwift, where it works just flawlessly.
is there going to be any reaction to this from TR? or are you guys just fine with customers being frustrated with your software?

Have you submitted this to support@trainerroad.com, because that is the best place to start with issues like this.

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I have had the same problem the past couple of weeks. Using the same set up I have used the past 15 months with no issues, all of a sudden 3 of the last 5 rides have had issues. During last nights ride, twice the connection with my Kickr was lost and I had to forget the device and then re sync it to continue the workout. Very frustrating.

I to was having power drop outs using a wahoo kickr with TR on my pc.Contacted TR support
who sent an older version (legacy) software i was told.Every workout using legacy has been
perfect with not a drop out.

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Having the same issue for the past few weeks. Only thing that keeps changing is the TrainerRoad client (I’m on Windows 7). Haven’t experienced any power drops with Zwift.

I need to submit some rides, but I am also seeing drops on PC, Kickr17, via ANT+. This parallels my experience from my Tacx Neo 2 during the beta testing months ago.

Just one or two per session, but they are there.

Are you training with a powermeter along with the Kickr? I’ve spent hours doing research and I believe I found my cause.

I’m using dual-sided Vector 3 power pedals, the right power pedal was disconnected due to bluetooth interference from my phone. For some reason this appears to have caused TR to have power drops during my workouts, I’m not sure why but it seems to have been resolved after I was able to connect my right-side pedal.

just wanted to put this out there: i got some very competent suggestions from kevin @ support@trainerroad.com which ended up solving the tech issues i had. also no bs about how all is good and the problem must be with the customer, which often appears to be the standard response from tech support. (sorry, sore point there :wink: ) kevin also checked back in after a few days to inquire about the status and, after having answered to that, i got a last email informing me about a few more relevant details and the fact that they would now close this ticket.
a1 support and highly appreciated.


After wrestling with connectivity issues with my kickr, I finally called support. I was told that there is an issue with 2 units causing interference with each other. This is a known issue that is not in their FAQs and I don’t think for a second it was accidentally missed as they tell you to do everything but not have another Kickr near by.

This appears to simply be a case of don’t tell our customers not to buy more than one unit. I returned the one I bought for my wife, but I have a neighbor that has one, and if I open my garage door I get inference from another house!

Deceptive business practices is the only explanation I can come up with.