Power drop after being sick


I did 5 weeks of ss training and got sick during the recovery week. Heavy flu with diarrhea. 8 days off the bike and I was feeling it again. I did two easy ride in zone 2 about 7 hours over two days.
The slow stuff felt alright to good even. But I had nothing extra, tempo felt like threshold. 180-210 watts for 3 hours felt easy but doing 240-260 was really hard for 5 minutes.

Does anyone know what is going one or how long it will take to get back to normal form?

8 days inst a ton of time off, but its sounds like your body went through hell. I’d take an easy week of z2 (6-8hrs) and go get 'em next week. It’ll probably take a week or 2 to get back to feeling normal. Sounds like you really got hit hard. Just my $.02

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I went through this after new years. I took a week off the bike and then another week was a recovery week of Z1 rides. Two weeks after that I was flying and setting new PRs. You will bounce back. Take it easy until you are 100%.

Also, two easy rides totaling 7 hours sounds like you are pushing it.

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