Recovery week feeling unwell

Feelong unwell during my recovery week so do i go for another weeks recovery. I done a few light spins but wasn’t feeling in great form and had a higher HR than usual. Because the legs got a good rest will i just ho ahead with build?

Listen to your body: if you feel weak or sick, then you should give your body time to recover. Perhaps you take a break for a week or so. Otherwise, your training becomes less and less efficient and you run the risk of e. g. becoming really sick or requiring much more time off the bike.

Think of it with energy conservation in mind: your body has an energy budget, and can use the energy to fulfill its everyday duties, training and e. g. fighting a flu. If you train harder and do not cut back on your daily duties, that means your body has less energy than it needs to to fight the flu. Which means you could become sick.

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This sounds familiar! My body goes into semi-shutdown mode during recovery weeks and even z2 rides are a struggle. Currently towards the end of a rest week and feel lethargic and lacking in motivation…I guess this is my system absorbing the last 5 weeks and I’d to be expected.

I would attempt your next session, get through the warm up and first interval, then make a decision to postpone or not.


Good advice that - recovery weeks are always tough if you have been training hard - usually only the following weekend I perk up ready for the next bout of er….fun :face_vomiting:

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Starting to get power and hr back to where it was so nearly back to normal. Done ramp test today but it wasn’t great, maybe i rushed it by a few days as i should have had an increase going on my workouts but i fell by 5 watts but will try again next week.